Saturday, July 7, 2012

I know I don't blog enough. Shut. Up.

Mixed feelings about today.

Beau did well; we started the new Science book (whoot, whoot!), which was pretty exciting, and kept on with everything else. We might finish the math book some time this century. I kid, of course. It just feels like we have so far left to go and the “official” start of third grade is coming up so soon. I had wanted to be done with this book. I chalk it up to my own suckiness as a homeschooling parent. And we'll finish when we finish. We do two worksheets a day at present, which is a good pace for us. Beau seems challenged but not frustrated, so I'm going to call it success. We'll finish this book when we finish it and (the plan is) to plug through with math even when we're taking breaks from other things so that we finish the next one in plenty of time for fourth grade...and oh, God, fourth grade is looming in the distance. Ew.

Moving on quickly.

Usually Explode the Code is super fun for everyone involved.

Today...well, just blah. There were distractions. Kids were fighting in the background. We compromised and did about half of what we usually do. Both Xander and Bella struggled and there were many buzzing bees to be had.

But I am totally taking it. Daddy is home today...who can concentrate when Daddy is home? Also, it's totally Saturday. And nice outside. And the pool is beckoning.

So we are taking today and calling it a success. Education was had by all.

Now, let's go swimming.

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